Heartbreaking life experiences led me to heart-centered digital marketing…

Hey there, changer of lives! I’m Kaylee.

Want to step inside my digital marketing sanctuary, and find out how you can change even more lives?

Digital marketing and wellness. It’s a little bit like chalk and cheese. Champagne and ice cream. A daycare centre at a day spa.

You don’t imagine them skipping hand-in-hand along a tranquil rainforest trail or on a deserted beach at sunset.

Digital marketing and SEO is fast-paced and constantly evolving. It’s also quite overwhelming. Unless you’re a little bit *different* – like me! – and you thrive on speed and change.

Wellness is everything that digital marketing is not.

I love the pace and challenge of being a digital marketing consultant

But it’s what I’m learning through my own personal wellness journey that’s truly adding meaning to my life.

After losing my beautiful mum to cancer in 2014, I realised just how short life can be. It was only after her passing that I took time to reflect on how stressful her lifestyle was.

I decided to use my grief to upgrade my mindset, beliefs and my world. I wanted to live my best life, be a source of inspiration for my children, and live without regrets.

I made a personal commitment to honour her by taking care of myself. I now prioritise health and wellness by making future-focused choices when it comes to taking care of my body, mind and spirit.

Now, as a mum to two beautiful boys, I’m dedicated to a mindful lifestyle, and committed to balancing business and freedom. I slow down for self-care, and make nourishing choices that make my life feel enriched and fulfilled.

Prevention over treatment is my motto!

So, how did I land in the wellness digital marketing world?

I spent several years as a SEO & Digital marketer in Melbourne for lawyers. But when COVID hit, and the demand for health and wellness services grew, I started to feel an urge to help women in the wellness space.

It wasn’t until the universe delivered the most magical signs that I realised what I was truly meant to be doing. Two chance encounters with wellness businesses who shared their digital marketing frustrations made everything clear for me.

My future was in helping wellness businesses show up online and thrive.


Arcana means secret or mysterious.

And that’s often how people perceive digital marketing.  But it doesn’t need to be, and I’m here to demystify it for you.

It also has another cool meaning. In tarot, it’s the belief that all experiences are meaningful, related and correct.. Kinda like how my future in wellness digital marketing presented itself!

My team and I are committed to helping you get your business foundations right 

When we work together, I’ll help you:


Find clarity and direction by listening to what really matters to you


Feel confident and stress-free because you know exactly where your next client is coming from


Have more time for your family start living the life you imagined when you started your business

Plus, I’m a nurturer and empath by nature. I genuinely care about your results and your growth, and love being your go-to person for bouncing ideas off.


Sound like the kind of digital marketing specialist you’d like to partner with? 

Tamara Kerr - Lara Massage

I highly recommend Arcana Digital if you are looking for clarity and direction whether you're just starting out or wanting to revamp your existing business.
I felt my business didn't totally or clearly reflect who I really was to my core and I had no idea how to go about changing my business to rectify that. I now have a clear focus on who I am in the market place, what I can offer my clients so I stand out in my uniqueness and how I can be of service and be in alignment with my core values and ethics.
I now have a clear process to get me to where I want my business to head in the future and I feel more connected to my business and my understanding of the clients I wish to attract. Thank you Arcana Digital.

Samia - Hair S One

Thank you so much Kaylee for providing a clear marketing strategy for my business that enables me to move forward for growth.
I highly recommend Kaylee she was very efficient and easy to work with.

Elle - Moda Interior Styling

Kaylee was just what I needed for my business- Kaylee was able to put me on the right track to market my business. Not only Kaylee’s small business experience combined with her sales skills & organisation of how a business runs.
I would highly recommend Kaylee and I look forward to continuing to work with her during my business journey.