A consistent stream of clients and an enviable online presence

Digital marketer & SEO consultant for wellness professionals, hand-delivered with love, authenticity and connection


A consistent stream of clients and an enviable online presence

Digital Marketing & SEO for wellness professionals, hand-delivered with love, authenticity and connection

Want to spend less time trying to find new clients? 

And more time helping people become better versions of themselves?

Of course you do. Because that’s why you started your wellness business.

But when you’re trying to do everything on your own, and desperately trying to figure out where your next client is coming from, you’re not doing the life changing work you were put on this planet to do.

And that’s not how it’s meant to be.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and worried about:

  • Having no real plan for finding your next client?
  • Your online presence (or lack of!)?
  • Your inconsistent cash flow (although you’re pretty consistent at not hitting revenue targets!)?

Good news! You can stop worrying, stop feeling overwhelmed, and start loving your business again. 


Because I can help!

Here is how I will help grow your business

Marketing Strategy

We dive into your goals (where you want to go), and develop a marketing roadmap (how you’re going to get there).

Client Lead Generation

A long term plan to get a consistent stream of clients through your door.

Get found on Google (SEO)

We help your clients find you by showing up where they’re searching.

Kaylee holding tea

Hi, I’m Kaylee!

Digital marketing consultant for wellness professionals

Shall we get to know each other?

You probably started your wellness business because you want to help people understand and achieve optimal holistic wellbeing.

And you probably didn’t envisage a constant state of anxiety, because you don’t know where your next client is coming from. Or the overwhelm of DIYing your marketing, hoping it *just works*.

The world needs you to spend more time transforming lives, and less time feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

That’s why I created Arcana Digital. Because as a wellness professional, you should be spending your time helping people live more enriched, nourished and meaningful lives.

Let me ask you, what really matters to you? 

Is it helping people through difficult times? Perhaps it’s being seen as a leader in your industry?

Is it unlocking freedom and opportunity so you’re free to run wild in the wilderness when the urge hits?!

Or is it a life where you can truly be present, always?

A life where you prioritise yourself and your family, where you’re ready to have a spontaneous game of Sunday afternoon Uno with your kids.

A life where you can be the real, undistracted you, and not thinking, ‘I really should finish that blog post first’.

If this is the life you want, but not the life you’re living, because you don’t have a plan for a consistent, reliable stream of clients, I can help.

Girl looking at the grass what really matters to you

Ready to start attracting a consistent stream of clients?

 Here’s your 3-step plan to stress-free digital marketing


1. Book a connection call

We’ll chat about your struggles, your goals, and how I can help you head towards the life you want to be living.


2. Create a plan

We’ll develop a plan that’s customised to your wellness business, and focused on delivering predictability.

3. Attract consistent clients

Spend more time transforming lives because you’ll have a plan in place to move your business forward for growth

Tamara Kerr - Lara Massage

I highly recommend Arcana Digital if you are looking for clarity and direction whether you're just starting out or wanting to revamp your existing business.
I felt my business didn't totally or clearly reflect who I really was to my core and I had no idea how to go about changing my business to rectify that. I now have a clear focus on who I am in the market place, what I can offer my clients so I stand out in my uniqueness and how I can be of service and be in alignment with my core values and ethics.
I now have a clear process to get me to where I want my business to head in the future and I feel more connected to my business and my understanding of the clients I wish to attract. Thank you Arcana Digital.

Samia - Hair S One

Thank you so much Kaylee for providing a clear marketing strategy for my business that enables me to move forward for growth.
I highly recommend Kaylee she was very efficient and easy to work with.

Elle - Moda Interior Styling

Kaylee was just what I needed for my business- Kaylee was able to put me on the right track to market my business. Not only Kaylee’s small business experience combined with her sales skills & organisation of how a business runs.
I would highly recommend Kaylee and I look forward to continuing to work with her during my business journey.