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Imagine your world when new clients are being attracted on autopilot…

As a marketing and lead generation consultant, I’m here to help you find new clients

Can I ask you a question?

How much time are you spending attracting and nurturing new clients?

If the answer is ‘too much’, ‘not enough’, or even ‘ummm, I don’t really know how to do that!’, something needs to change.

The good news is, you’re not alone, and as a lead generation consultant, I can help.

Soooo, just what is lead generation?

I’m so glad you asked!

First, let’s clarify what a lead is. A lead is simply someone who may be interested in buying from you. An actual human, who may one day need you to make their life better.

Lead generation is letting those people know you exist, sparking their interest in you, and nurturing them with useful, relevant information. All with the end goal of making them into a client.

I like to think of lead generation as a massage for your wellness business. I find and smooth out the tight spots, making it easy for you to attract, nurture and convert new clients.

It’s a vital part of every business, but it’s often overlooked because it’s overwhelming or just plain misunderstood.

My client lead generation package simplifies and automates all the steps involved in finding new clients. So you can focus on helping more people achieve optimal holistic wellbeing.

It looks like this:

First, I help you build an email list of genuine leads. Then, I help you create email content that helps nurture, and helps to position you as a trusted, credible woman in wellness.

And finally, we get it set up so it runs on autopilot, freeing you up to work on changing lives.

Providing regular, credible, actionable content that solves your ideal clients problems is vital to getting your business foundations right, and setting you up for success.

Does this sound like where you’d like to be?


Generating leads on autopilot
so you can work on other parts of your business

Making it easy for potential clients to choose you
because you’ve built trusted,
long-term relationships with them though your content

Becoming a leader in your field
Because you create content that genuinely helps your audience


If so, my client lead generation package is perfect for you!

The lead automation package includes:


Pre consultation questionnaire


1 hour strategy call to brainstorm Ideas for Lead magnet (checklist, eBook etc)


Review of lead magnet & suggest changes


Graphic design of lead magnet (no more than 5 pages)


Setup on website with lead form


3-5 email nurturing sequence


Email automations set up and scheduled

Ready to generate leads on autopilot and spend more time growing your business?