How to promote your business on Google for free

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Want to know how to promote your business on Google for free?

I mean, who doesn’t want free exposure online? We all know how important it is to be active online these days. Bricks and mortar businesses are still popular of course, but the online world is increasing every day. And if you want your business to succeed, you need to be taking advantage of that. There are many different ways that you can market your business online, some free and some that come with a cost. But one way, that in my opinion is under used, yet very powerful is signing up and actively using your Google Business Profile .  

Google Business Profile

The name itself pretty much gives away what it is. Google Business Profile is a free (did I mention free) tool where you can create a business listing on Google. It gives you the ability to be able to provide your clients and and potential customers with the valuable information that they need in order to contact you, visit your physical location (if you have one) and to be able to click through to your website. Your Google business listing will show up typically on the right hand side of the search results when someone searches either for your business or searches keywords that you are using.

Why is it important for my business?

Having a Google Business Profile listing is an asset to your business. It is a way to grow, interact and engage with your target market before they even reach your website. Your listing can help your business to:

  • Increase traffic and engagement – When people are able to easily click through to your website it means that they are more likely to do so. They can click to your website or your social media within seconds and start engaging with you.
  • Establish your expertise and presence within the industry – Having a business listing shows that your business is real and that you are a business owner that is ready to work with them.
  • Earn trust from those who are looking to engage with you – People are more likely to engage with a business if they feel they can trust them. A business listing with your contact details and a filled out bio about you do shows that you are transparent and trustworthy.
  • Help people to learn about your business quickly and easily – A lot can be learn about a business through their Google Business listing. It makes it quick and easy for people to learn about you and how to work with you. This is why making use of the 750 word count is important to explain your services.
  • Market your business for free – Free marketing is always a winner right?

What can I do with my listing?

Your Google Business Profile listing comes with many different fields that you can update and show to your potential clients. You can:

  • Show your company details – Such as your website, contact details and social media.
  • Upload images – You can use images of yourself and your business location so that people can begin to visually engage and connect with you.
  • Utilise reviews – Reviews are a very important part of your business and something that many people check before working with a business. You can have past customers and clients leave reviews on your listing for others to read and review.
  • Share latest offers – You can use your listing to share your current offers, upcoming discounts and much more with easy to do posting.
  • Post your blogs. You can actually track user engagement on your posts too. The aim here is to keep your profile active so Google can rank you more often.
  • Setup chat – Setup chat so customers can directly message you. Perhaps they need to enquire about your services and cant be on the phone at that moment, you are giving them an alterative way to contact you This is located under messages and settings.⁠

And another huge benefit of your Google business account is that Google offers free insights on your listing. It can show you the traffic that is generated through the listing, where people are clicking through to and the demographic of those visiting your listing, which are all crucial details to use in your marketing strategy.

How do I get started?

Creating a Google Business profile account is simple and easy to do. If you are using Gmail for your emails, than you already have an account and you simply need to update your listing details and verify you business. If you are not using Gmail for your emails than you can create an account via this link Once you have created your account, you need to verify your business which can be done via a postcard that is sent out to you from Google, via phone or via email. Once your business is verified your listing will begin to show up in search results. A Google My Business listing is an excellent way to showcase your business, what you have to offer and become a leader in your industry – all for free! So if you haven’t got a listing, stop what you are doing and visit the link above to get started. If you need help with setting this up – reach out for a 15 min chat!